1 Hour Session on-Location of choice for up to 6 people, $10/for each additional person. This session includes 25 Digital Downloads and print release with the option to purchase more downloads if you would like. 

2019 Mini Session Dates

Sunflower Field Mini

Vintage Car Mini


I suggest picking a location that is special to each family. This may be a favorite park where you play with your dog or walk around a pond, a museum that speaks to what you like to do as a family, your home or family land. The most important thing is pick a location that your children will be comfortable.

We want these images not just capture a smile but capture laughter, love and sense of family. So be ready to get close to one another, hold hands, and laugh at some really lame jokes. 

After the Session:

You will receive an email 2-3 weeks with your Online Gallery Link with a coupon code for 25 Digital Downloads. You can download more images from the session, order products like canvases and prints and share the link with your family.



Christmas Mini

Specialty Mini

Mini Sessions are held periodically throughout the year. These are normally seasonal or themed sessions. 25 Minute Sessions with 10 digital downloads.

How Do Mini Session Work? 

The location is pre-determined. These sessions are held on one Saturday at one location. The props are already picked, location is perfect for the season and time of day - all we need is YOU! 

After the Session: 

You will receive an email with your Online Gallery Link and a coupon code to download 10 digital files. This code expires 30 days after you receive the email. You may also purchase prints, canvases, and other amazing products from a professional printing lab. These ship straight to your door mostly within a week!



Spring Mini