Capturing Bliss is unique. We are building a brand and creating an experience that is authentic, transparent and genuinely cares about providing the best service and products possible. We deliver custom portraits, tailored to you - your family, your home, your one-of-a-kind kiddos. We don't want these just to be images on your computer or phone, we want them to represent you in a creative and beautiful way that will stand the test of time. 

cap-ture ('kapCHer)


1. record or express accurately in words or pictures.

2. to represent or record in lasting form.

bliss (blis/)


1. perfect happiness; great joy.

2. the ecstatic joy of heaven


1. reach a state of perfect happiness, typically so as to be oblivious of everything else. 

we believe in a unique and customized (portrait or wedding) Session for each and every one of our clients.

Marissa Schmidt:  Second Photographer


         ::  Jesus, nature, and kitties

         ::  Marissa's passion is Lifestyle photography which is why she is perfect as a 2nd photographer at your wedding. She captures precious moments that tell a story. She is an avid adventurer who loves experiencing and photographing God's creation. Marissa owns her own photography business called Marissa Jean Photography

Lesleigh Sears:Assistant & Set Designer


        ::  My son, daughter, husband, Jesus and photography

         ::  Growing up Lesleigh's mom was always interested in photography so she has always been interested since childhood. She has learned from friends who have taken the time to teach her after buying her first camera in her early 20's. Lesleigh will love on and position your babies and kiddos for the perfect image. Lesleigh is the best at making you laugh when you need it the most. 

Beth Johnson: Editor


         ::  Momma of 2 boys, sign language, and Duke

          ::  You may not know this but Beth is behind all of CBP's editing starting in 2017 after Jaelyn had her son, Henry. Beth has been AMAZING at being consistent in her editing and turnaround time. She has also become a dear friend. We love Beth and everything she has done behind the scenes for CBP. 

Jerry Weiden:CFO or "final decision maker"


         ::  Jesus, fast cars, and working with his hands

          ::  Jerry is the mastermind behind our videos. He is also the one who makes sure all the books are accurate (while listening to 90's R&B, of course). 

our approach

The Dream Team

Henry Jedidiah Weiden: Reason for CBP


         ::  Food, playing outside, and his Momma

          ::  Henry is the reason behind every email, edit, and upload. He loves making everyone smile which is why I think he's a great addition to the team!  

Jaelyn Weiden:Owner & Lead Photographer


          ::  Jesus, sunflowers and coffee

          ::  After receiving her first film camera as a Christmas present at the age 8, Jaelyn hasn't stopped taking pictures. Jaelyn started photographing professionally in 2007 after an economics project encouraged her to make a photography business model which is now Capturing Bliss Photography. She feels extremely blessed by her clients who have turned into friends. Recording the joy of hearing baby's first cry or photographing a groom seeing his bride for the first time are some of Jaelyn's greatest loves. She may also listen to Brian Regan's standup while editing your images and prays over each disk, USB and upload. 

our GOAL